P.F.C.U. and SUPPORT UKRAINE together!


We are the P.F.C.U. Charity Organization Ukraine, before the war worked to provide assistance to medical institutions and centers of social and psychological rehabilitation.
Every day, hundreds of families with children turn to us for help, which requires the basics - food, hygiene products, medicines. We try to help all of them. At the same time, there are hundreds of requests and it takes time for people to receive the "humanitarian" sent to them.
P.F.C.U. Charity Organization Ukraine continues to work to help Ukraine and expand its partners. Yes, today between P.F.C.U. Charity Organization Ukraine and the Estonian charity fund MTÜ “I SUPPORT UKRAINE” signed a cooperation agreement.
MTÜ “I SUPPORT UKRAINE” raised over $ 230,000 to help Ukraine in 70 days.
MTÜ “I SUPPORT UKRAINE” also helps Ukrainians forcibly deported to Russia to reach EU countries, organizes hotels and hostels for them, assists with employment and advises on legal issues.
The MTÜ “I SUPPORT UKRAINE” team is involved in sorting out applications for humanitarian aid that come to our charity fund every day so that people can receive it as soon as possible.We, in turn, help direct humanitarian aid to civilians and the military, which oversees MTÜ “I SUPPORT UKRAINE”.
Thank you to our new partner - MTÜ “I SUPPORT UKRAINE”!
We hope that such a partnership will bring as much benefit as possible to needy people.
Glory to Ukraine! Victory will be ours!
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