We are “ProfFinControl Ukraine” charitable organization, which officially began its activities in April 2021. Even before the establishment of our organization, we were engaged in volunteer activities aimed at orphanages and psychological rehabilitation centers for children. At that time, we visited the children and brought them clothes, food, stationery - in general, everything the kids lacked. To somehow add positive aspects to the childhood of children in orphanages and rehabilitation centers, we organized fun events and invited animators and athletes.

On February 24, 2022, we expanded our fund activities because of the war in Ukraine. We are currently helping Ukrainians who withdrew from the occupation in Mariupol, Irpin, Bucha and other cities. 


We do everything to return them to normal life: settle the victims in shelters, provide targeted humanitarian aid, take care of children, and invite teachers to the shelters. We do it for Ukraine, we do it for life, we do it for peace!
  Volunteer, philanthropist and wife of Serhiy Sotnichenko, Emma Shekoyan, about herself and the creation of a family fund


The head of the "Proffincontrol of Ukraine" charity organization, a nurse by profession, a public figure, a volunteer by vocation, an excellent wife and a philanthropist with a big heart, Emma Shekoyan was born on November 25, 1987 in Georgia (Shulaveri village).In 2005, she graduated from secondary school and entered the medical college, where in 2008 she received secondary education in the specialty of nurse. 
Immediately after graduating from college, she began working in the medical building of a children's camp, as a nurse in the reception department and physiotherapy rooms. This happened for a short time - only 1 year, but it gave her enough experience to continue her medical path.Then Emma was hired in the operating unit of the surgical department of one of the hospitals, where she worked for several years and acquired new skills in surgery. She devoted next 3 years of her career to the position of nurse in the physiotherapy and dental offices of several medical institutions. 
Emma dreamed of graduating from a higher educational institution and becoming a surgeon even after graduating from college, but her main choice in life was the desire to be the wife of her husband - Serhiy Sotnichenko. According to Emma: "a doctor is a specialist who must fully devote himself to his work, literally "live" it, and therefore such a combination as a doctor and a good wife is impossible.'' 

Emma's charitable journey began about 7 years ago, before the New Year’s Eve, she and her husband Serhiy bought boxes of candy gifts to be sent to orphanages near Kyiv to congratulate children during the holiday. After that, they could not stop the volunteer work they had started. It was their common family desire.They kept in constant contact with the directors of orphanages. If necessary, they sent cars there with help or brought gifts themselves. Often, these trips were accompanied by animators and athletes to organize unforgettable competitions for children and give them emotions that they are not used to getting in everyday life. 

In December 2020, a boy named Dobrynya was born in the family of philanthropists Serhii and Emma. The baby was given a difficult diagnosis - West syndrome. Then, young parents, seeing the condition of hospitals and the lack of necessary equipment for examination, decided to create a charity fund P.F.C.U. charity, the main purpose of which is to help children's departments and centers for social and psychological rehabilitation of children.  Unfortunately, despite all the efforts of the family and doctors, little Dobrynya left the world at the age of 7 months.For Serhiy and Emma, the work of the foundation has become a family affair, because it was created thanks to their baby. The family decided that if the fund has already been created, it should continue to do good and selfless things for other children.A few months after the family accepted the loss, Emma got involved in work and there was no stopping her. It was her personal and only business to which she devoted the primary place in her work schedule. Often, despite her own fatigue, Emma, together with the team created to work with the foundation, works until late at night and implements charitable works in our world. 


With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Emma Shekoyan and her foundation were engaged in relocation and placement of children and women in safe territories of Ukraine. Often these were strangers who came under their protection on the streets of Kyiv and who did not know what to do or where to go.Such a place or relocation were hotels, kindergartens, and schools in the Khust district of Transcarpathia, where Emma's fund and the organizations supporting the fund (Prof Fin Center Ukraine, C1k Crypto Finance Club, P2P community, ProfVachasniki Ukraine), as well as the family budget of Emma and Serhiy, provided everything you need - from accommodation to food."We provided everything they needed and people didn't have to pay for anything, they could be safe and fully supplied for as long as they needed." - says Emma. As a result, there were about 1,000 people from the Kyiv region, as well as from other regions that were forced out of their homes due to the aggression of Russia, in the Khust district.Emma shares: “As women, we provided for our huge family, we accepted all people as family. They also ensured the delivery of products throughout Ukraine, and my husband and our boys picked up machine guns, put on helmets, bulletproof vests and stood up for the defense of Ukraine in the Kyiv region." As a reminder, Serhii Sotnychenko and another 140 volunteers undertook to defend the Kyiv region in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."My husband often called me and said - a convoy of such and such a number of women and children is going to Khust - take them, accommodate them. We had such meetings twice a week." - remembers Emma. In March, the P.F.C.U. charity started sending parcels with help, in connection with numerous requests on the Telegram channel. Realizing that people need it, a decision was made to intensify this work - the foundation opened a Google form and accepted orders from large families, single mothers, pensioners, IDPs. Sending was carried out by Nova Poshta in the territory where there is access to branches. However, there were cases when assistance was also received by those who live in the occupied territories and have the opportunity to pick up parcels in a nearby "free" town or village. Currently, the fund has opened personal accounts and can receive financial assistance from those who want to financially help Ukrainians who have fallen into extremely difficult circumstances. And also one of the last, very important projects of P.F.C.U. charity, is collecting funds for the purchase of cars for the front.In addition to sending parcels through the New Post office, the fund distributes products to IDPs in Kyiv, as well as to people who are in front-line areas - humanitarian convoys are sent there. 


One of Emma's main passions is driving. She feels a special charge of energy every time she has to drive long distances. And to keep her body and positive thoughts in good shape, she is helped by sports - functional training and working with her own weight - which she has been doing non-stop for about 15 years. Emma also practices skiing and wakeboarding."In our family, this is how it is established - work and sports. We don't like going to restaurants often, we don't like noisy gatherings. In the morning, my husband and I meet in the hall, then everyone goes about their tasks. If it's a weekend and there's time, our vacation is also active. In our country, it is customary to beat fatigue with sports. Usually, during the whole week, we have about half of Sunday, which we can spend on ourselves, the rest of the week, my husband and I spin like squirrels in a wheel, from 8 in the morning until 9-10 p.m. in the evening. Sometimes we are outside our home for 23 hours, in working mode. During the day, I only have time to run in a few times to cook something for the family." - says Emma.Another hobby of Emma is books and cooking - she has been reading a lot since childhood, and her house always smells of delicious food. Theater, psychology, philosophy - Emma Shekoyan is an incredibly versatile and interesting person, a person with a good heart and a strong spirit.Emma rejects any work with psychologists, because she learned her own philosophy and spirituality. Reading a large amount of literature always helps her to be sensible in this or that life situation. She sincerely believes that wisdom is a trait inherent in every woman on earth. And all the events that occur in life are not accidental and happen exactly at the right time!

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Strong-spirited people live in Ukraine, who need international support now so that Ukraine can resist Russian aggression and prevent evil from spreading throughout the world. Together we are a force, together we cannot be overcome, together we bring the victory of Ukraine closer!

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